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PEPL Business Associate Data

TSP Name: Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company, LP (TSP: 045256641)

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Asset BA Abbreviation BA Name Proprietary BA Nbr
PEPL 3WAYFARMS 3 Way Farms Inc 1739
PEPL ADM A D M Corp 1384
PEPL AE-STALEY A E Staley Manufacturing Company 1984
PEPL ACCENTURE Accenture L.P. 15634
PEPL ACCESS ONTAR Access Gas Services (Ontario) Inc. 5452
PEPL ACES POWER Aces Power Marketing, LLC 2155
PEPL ACH FOOD SVS ACH Food Companies, Inc. 1480
PEPL ACN ENERGY C ACN Energy Corp 1669
PEPL ACN ENERGY ACN Energy, Inc. 1629
PEPL ACTIVE ENGY Active Energy ULC 5368
PEPL ADAMS RESOUR Adams Resources Marketing, Ltd 1651
PEPL ADVANTAGE EN Advantage Energy Partners, LLC 16079
PEPL AEGENT Aegent Energy Advisors Inc. 5312
PEPL AEP ENERGY AEP Energy Services, Inc. 1507
PEPL AEP ENERGY I AEP Energy, Inc 14349
PEPL AES OHIO GEN AES Ohio Generation, LLC 1593
PEPL AG ENERGY AG Energy Co-Operative Ltd 5281
PEPL AGAVE Agave Energy Company 5605
PEPL AGERA Agera Energy, LLC 15025
PEPL AK STEEL Ak Steel Corporation 1559
PEPL AKAWA Akawa Natural Gas, LLC 1598
PEPL ALCOA CLEVE Alcoa Cleveland Works 1523
PEPL ALLEGIANT EN Allegiant Energy Group, LP 5199
PEPL ALLEGRO DEV Allegro Development Corporation 5304
PEPL ALLIANCE GAS Alliance Gas Marketing, Inc. 1417
PEPL ALI GAS SERV Alliance Gas Services 1454
PEPL ALLIED ENERG Allied Energy Resources Corporation 5382
PEPL ALPHA G&E Alpha Gas & Electric, LLC 14381
PEPL ALSEY REF Alsey Refractories Company 1350
PEPL ALTA MESA Alta Mesa Services, LP 14284
PEPL ALTAGAS EN AltaGas Energy Limited Partnership 3003
PEPL ALTAGAS AltaGas Ltd. 5584
PEPL AMARILLO Amarillo Natural Gas, Inc. 1003
PEPL AMBIT NY Ambit New York, LLC 15502
PEPL AMEREN CORP Ameren Corporation 1530
PEPL AMEREN F&S Ameren Energy Fuels and Services Company 1634
PEPL AMEREN MKTG Ameren Energy Marketing Company 1687
PEPL AMERENEN Ameren Energy, Inc. 1570
PEPL AMERENIL Ameren Illinois Company 1531
PEPL AMEREN Ameren Services Company 1520
PEPL AMERESCO BRI Ameresco Brickyard RNG LLC 16652
PEPL Ameresco Ameresco, Inc. 14229
PEPL AMCENT-ENG American Central Energy, LLC 1509
PEPL AMER-CENT-GS American Central Gas Companies, Inc. 1160
PEPL AM CENT W OK American Central Western Oklahoma Gas Company, L.L.C. 1594
PEPL AMER-CYANAM American Cyanamid Company 1004
PEPL AM ENERGIES American Energies Corporation 5279
PEPL AMGYPSUM American Gypsum 5454
PEPL AMP American Municipal Power, Inc. 5604
PEPL AMER P&G OH American Power & Gas of Ohio, LLC 15508
PEPL AMI ENERGY AMI Energy, Inc. 1484
PEPL AMI TRAN AMI Transportation, Inc. 1491
PEPL AMPLIFY ENE0 Amplify Energy Operating LLC 16659
PEPL ABPS Anadarko Basin Production Services Co., Inc. 1315
PEPL ANADARKO E&P Anadarko E&P Company LP 1030
PEPL ANADARKO EN Anadarko Energy Marketing, Inc. 1578
PEPL ANADARKO ENE Anadarko Energy Services Company 1010
PEPL APX Anadarko Exploration 1789
PEPL AGC Anadarko Gathering Company 1931
PEPL ANADARKO NAT Anadarko Natural Gas Company LLC 14232
PEPL APC Anadarko Petroleum Corporation 1008
PEPL ANAHAU ENER Anahau Energy, LLC 14336
PEPL ANCOVA ENERG Ancova Energy Marketing, LLC 15535
PEPL ANGC CORP ANGC Corporation 1270
PEPL ANR PIPELINE ANR Pipeline Company 1087
PEPL ANVOCA Anvoca Energy LLC 15526
PEPL APACHE CORP Apache Corporation 1011
PEPL APACHE Apache Marketing, Inc. 1316
PEPL APACHE S EXP Apache Shelf Exploration LLC 14358
PEPL APPROVED ENE Approved Energy II LLC 16669
PEPL AQUILA MERCH Aquila Energy Merchant Energy Partners 1586
PEPL AQUILA GAS Aquila Gas Processing Corporation 1179
PEPL AQUILA MER Aquila Merchant Services, Inc. 1820
PEPL AQUILA NET Aquila Networks 1693
PEPL ADM CO Archer Daniels Midland Company 1982
PEPL ARCHER ENER Archer Energy, LLC 15056
PEPL ARCLIGHT Arclight Energy Marketing, LLC 5384
PEPL ARDAGH GLASS Ardagh Glass Inc. 1285
PEPL ARENA ENERGY Arena Energy, LLC 1684
PEPL ARENA OFFSHO Arena Offshore, LP 1727
PEPL ARGONNE NAT Argonne National Laboratory 15743
PEPL ARKALON ETH Arkalon Ethanol, LLC 5339
PEPL ARM Energy ARM Energy Management LLC 14299
PEPL ASHLAND CHEM Ashland Chemical Energy Services 1535
PEPL ASHLAND EURO Ashland Industries Europe GmbH 14386
PEPL ASSET RISK Asset Risk Management, LLC 14210
PEPL ASSOC ELEC Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. 1553
PEPL ASSOC ARK Associated Natural Gas Co., A Div. of Arkansas Western Gas Co. 1015
PEPL ASTRA POWER Astra Power, LLC 1631
PEPL ASTRA RESOUR Astra Resources Marketing, Inc. 1682
PEPL ASTRAL-IND Astral Industries, Inc. 1387
PEPL ATLANTIC ENE Atlantic Energy, LLC 15695
PEPL ATLAS PL Atlas Pipeline Mid-Continent LLC 5144
PEPL ATMOS ENRGY Atmos Energy Corporation 1020
PEPL ATMOS SRVCS Atmos Energy Services, LLC 5514
PEPL ATMOS PL TX Atmos Pipeline - Texas 5581
PEPL ATP OIL & GA ATP Oil & Gas Corporation 1637
PEPL AUGUSTUS EN Augustus Energy Partners, LLC 5506
PEPL AURORA-NAT Aurora Natural Gas, LLC 1904
PEPL AVANGRID Avangrid Renewables, LLC 5269
PEPL AVENTINE Aventine Renewable Energy 5317
PEPL AVISTA Avista Energy, Inc. 1501
PEPL AXPO U.S. LL Axpo U.S. LLC 16773
PEPL BADGER OIL Badger Oil Corporation 1505
PEPL BALL Ball Corporation 1198
PEPL BALLARD NAT Ballard Natural Gas, LLC 5380
PEPL BALTERRA ENE Balterra Energy, LLC 16672
PEPL BANDON OIL Bandon Oil and Gas, LP 5266
PEPL BARCLAYS CAP Barclays Capital Energy Inc. 5547
PEPL BARNES-HENRY Barnes, Henry, Meisenheimer & Gende, Inc. 1854
PEPL BARRACUDA EN Barracuda Energy LLC 16078
PEPL BASF-INMONT BASF Corporation 1377
PEPL BASF INTERTR BASF Intertrade Corporation 15592
PEPL BCE - MACH I BCE - Mach III Midstream Holdings, LLC 15782
PEPL BEACON PETRO Beacon Petroleum Management, Inc. 1638
PEPL BEAR CREEK Bear Creek Energy, Inc. 15015
PEPL BELAFLOR BeleFlor 15065
PEPL BEREN Beren Corporation 1018
PEPL BEREXCO Berexco, Inc. 1317
PEPL BERRICK ENER Berrick Energy LLC 16098
PEPL BEYOND-ENGY Beyond Energy & Trade Inc 5184
PEPL BG ENERGY BG Energy Merchants, LLC 5211
PEPL BIGHORN GAS Bighorn Gas Operating, LP 1413
PEPL BBARRETTCORP Bill Barrett Corporation 5139
PEPL BIOURJA TRAD BioUrja Trading, LLC 14385
PEPL BIRM STEEL Birmingham Steel - Cleveland Ohio Division 1539
PEPL BLACK ELK Black Elk Energy Offshore Operations, LLC 5518
PEPL BL HILLS SVC Black Hills Service Company, LLC 15724
PEPL BLACKHILLS U Black Hills Utility Holdings Inc. 5434
PEPL BLACKBEARD O Blackbeard Operating LLC 15928
PEPL BLACKSTONE T Blackstone Technology Group 15830
PEPL BLAKE PROD Blake Production Company, Inc. 5117
PEPL BLEIGH CONS Bleigh Construction Co 1741
PEPL BLUEMARK ENE BlueMark Energy, LLC 14364
PEPL BNP PARIBAS BNP Paribas Energy Trading GP 1457
PEPL BOLT ENERGY Bolt Energy, LLC 15741
PEPL BORDEN CHEM Borden Chemical Co. 1383
PEPL BORDER ENERG Border Energy Gas Services, Inc. 5539
PEPL BORG-WARNER Borg-Warner Automotive - D.T.P.C. 1221
PEPL BOYD-ROSENE Boyd Rosene and Associates, Inc. 1240
PEPL BP AMER BP America 1284
PEPL BP AMERICA BP America Production Company 1007
PEPL BP AMOCO BP Amoco Corporation 1568
PEPL BP CANADA EN BP Canada Energy Marketing Corp. 1564
PEPL BP ENERGY BP Energy Company 1280
PEPL BP SLC BP Energy Company SLC 5319
PEPL BP EN RETAIL BP Energy Retail Company LLC 15509
PEPL BP GAS MKT BP Gas Marketing 1162
PEPL BRANDYWN-GAS Brandywine Industrial Gas, Inc. 1238
PEPL BRAVO Bravo Natural Gas, LLC 5590
PEPL BRIDGELINE G Bridgeline Gas Marketing LLC 2080
PEPL BUCKEYE POWE Buckeye Power, Inc. 5294
PEPL MERIDIAN-OIL Burlington Resources Oil & Gas Company 1778
PEPL BURLINGT Burlington Resources Trading Inc. 1083
PEPL BURNT CREEK Burnt Creek Gathering, LLC 5253
PEPL C & L PETROL C & L Petroleum Services Company 14371
PEPL CABALLO Caballo Energy, LLC 14220
PEPL CABALLO LOC0 Caballo Loco Midstream 16650
PEPL CABOT Cabot Corporation 1318
PEPL Caerus Ks Caerus Kansas LLC 14242
PEPL CAIRN ENERGY Cairn Energy USA, Inc. 2037
PEPL CAIRO PUBLIC Cairo Public Utility Company 1838
PEPL CALC CARB Calcium Carbonate Division of J. M. Huber Corporation 1367
PEPL CALPINE ENER Calpine Energy Services, LP 1633
PEPL CALPINE MERC Calpine Merchant Services Company, Inc. ("CMSC"), as agent for CalBear Energy LP 5196
PEPL CALPINE-LP Calpine Producer Services, L.P. 1822
PEPL CANTON DROP Canton Drop Forge 5126
PEPL CAPITAL MATE Capital Materials LLC 16754
PEPL CAPSTONE Capstone Energy Services, LLC 14332
PEPL CARBON ECONO Carbon Economy, LLC 3103
PEPL CARGILL ENER Cargill Energy Services 1558
PEPL CARGILL CORN Cargill Inc., Corn Milling Division 1448
PEPL CARGILL Cargill, Incorporated 1337
PEPL CASS INFO Cass Information Systems Inc. 15022
PEPL CASTEX OFSHO Castex Offshore, Inc. 5609
PEPL CASTLETN COM Castleton Commodities Merchant Trading L.P. 1688
PEPL CATALYST POW Catalyst Power Energy Management LLC 16654
PEPL CCL IND CCL Industries, Inc. 1414
PEPL CCP COAST CCP Coast To Coast Partners, LLC 5390
PEPL CENSTAR CenStar Energy Corporation 14280
PEPL CES-LA CenterPoint Energy Resources Corp., DBA CenterPoint Energy Louisiana Gas 14218
PEPL CES STL CenterPoint Energy Services, Inc. (St. Louis) 14334
PEPL CENTRL-CRUDE Central Crude, Inc. 1704
PEPL CENTRAL-HUD Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation 1027
PEPL CENTRAL SOYA Central Soya Company, Inc. 1282
PEPL CERRO Cerro Copper 1351
PEPL CERRO FL PRD Cerro Flow Products LLC 1431
PEPL CHAPARRAL Chaparral Energy, L.L.C. 5546
PEPL CHARTWELL Chartwell Master Care LP 5438
PEPL CHATTANOOGA Chattanooga Gas Company 5282
PEPL CHENEY Cheney Energy Corporation (C/O Hadson Gas Systems, Inc.) 1251
PEPL CHENIERE MKT Cheniere Marketing, LLC 5251
PEPL CHESAPEAKE Chesapeake Energy Corporation 1405
PEPL CHESAP-MKTG Chesapeake Energy Marketing, L.L.C. 1398
PEPL CHESAPEAKE F Chesapeake Focus Corporation 1616
PEPL CHEVRON CORP Chevron Corporation 1135
PEPL CHEVRON TEX Chevron Natural Gas, a Division of Chevron U.S.A. Inc. 2142
PEPL CHEVRON USA Chevron Oil Company 1164
PEPL CHEVRON-USA Chevron U.S.A. Inc. 1032
PEPL CHEVRON-PROD Chevron USA Production Co. 1892
PEPL CHEYENNE Cheyenne Petroleum Company 1871
PEPL CHEY PLAINS Cheyenne Plains Gas Pipeline Company, LLC 5102
PEPL CIG CIG Transmission Limited 1386
PEPL CILCORP ENER Cilcorp Energy Services, Inc. 1476
PEPL CIMAREX ENER Cimarex Energy Co. 1680
PEPL CIMARRON PL Cimarron Pipeline, L.L.C. 5145
PEPL CIMARRON RIV Cimarron River Pipeline, LLC 5444
PEPL CINCINNATI-G Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company Inc, The 1609
PEPL CINERGY Cinergy Resources, Inc. 1481
PEPL CITADEL MKTG Citadel Energy Marketing LLC 15024
PEPL CITADEL ENE Citadel Energy Products LLC 1717
PEPL CITGO PETROL Citgo Petroleum Corporation 16753
PEPL CITIGROUP EN Citigroup Energy Inc. 5283
PEPL CITIZEN ENER Citizen Energy III, LLC 16066
PEPL CITIZENS ENE Citizens Energy Group 1289
PEPL CITIZENS Citizens Energy Services Corporation 1227
PEPL CIT-GAS-FUEL Citizens Gas Fuel Company 1181
PEPL CITIZENS GAS Citizens Gas of Westfield 15833
PEPL AUBURN City of Auburn 1170
PEPL BUSHNELL City of Bushnell 1025
PEPL CLARENCE City of Clarence 1183
PEPL CITY OF FAIR City of Fairfield, IL 1808
PEPL FULTON City of Fulton, MO 1057
PEPL GRUVER City of Gruver 1768
PEPL HAMILTON City of Hamilton 5377
PEPL CITY-HAZELTN City of Hazelton 1772
PEPL HERMANN City of Hermann 1063
PEPL CITY OF INDE City of Independence, MO 15933
PEPL LACYGNE City of LaCygne 1180
PEPL LOUISBURG City of Louisburg 1773
PEPL MACON-CITY City of Macon, MO 1080
PEPL MADISON City of Madison 1758
PEPL MONROE-CITY City of Monroe City 1097
PEPL MONTGOM-CTY City of Montgomery City 1184
PEPL PARIS City of Paris 1111
PEPL PERRYCITY City of Perry, Missouri 1114
PEPL PITTSFIELD City of Pittsfield 1117
PEPL ROODHOUSE City of Roodhouse 1127
PEPL SALEM City of Salem 5535
PEPL SHELBINA City of Shelbina 1132
PEPL SPLENDORA City of Splendora 1844
PEPL SPRINGFIELD City of Springfield 1354
PEPL CITY OF SPR City of Springfield, IL - CWLP 14260
PEPL CITY OF SPRI City of Springfield, Illinois - Office of Public Utilities 1473
PEPL STINNETT City of Stinnett 1769
PEPL SUNRAY-CITY City of Sunray, Texas 1795
PEPL WAVERLY City of Waverly 1156
PEPL WHITEHALL City of White Hall 1173
PEPL WINCHESTER City of Winchester, Illinois 1174
PEPL CLAWSON FARM Clawson Farm Partnership 1734
PEPL CLEARVIEW Clearview Electric, Inc. 15607
PEPL CLEARWATER E Clearwater Enterprises, LLC 1702
PEPL CONT-GAS CMS Continental Natural Gas, Inc. 1040
PEPL CMS-ERMC CMS Energy Resource Management Company 1780
PEPL CMS ENT CMS Enterprises 1444
PEPL CMS GEN CMS Generation Michigan Power, LLC 15650
PEPL CNOOC MKT US CNOOC Marketing U.S.A. Inc 5582
PEPL CNX GAS CNX Gas Company LLC 15049
PEPL COAST Coast Energy Group, A Division of Cornerstone Propane, L.P. 1306
PEPL COASTAL-OIL Coastal Oil & Gas Resources, Inc. 1059
PEPL POWWR Cognitive Energy, LLC dba Powwr 15797
PEPL COKINOS NAT Cokinos Natural Gas Company 1784
PEPL COLONIAL ENE Colonial Energy, Inc. 1466
PEPL COLONIAL OIL Colonial Oil 1508
PEPL COL INT Colorado Interstate Gas Company 1037
PEPL CO SP UTIL Colorado Springs Utilities 5555
PEPL COLT PL Colt Pipeline, L.L.C. 1652
PEPL COLGAS Columbia Gas Distribution Company 1243
PEPL COLUMBIA GAS Columbia Gas Inc. 1776
PEPL COLGAS-OH Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc. 1985
PEPL COLGAS-TRANS Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC 1192
PEPL COL-GULF Columbia Gulf Transmission, LLC 1039
PEPL COMPASS GAS Compass Energy Gas Services, LLC 5570
PEPL COMSATEC INC Comsatec Inc 1648
PEPL COMSTOCK OIL Comstock Oil & Gas, LP 5341
PEPL COMSTOCK OI2 Comstock Oil and Gas - Louisiana, LLC 15917
PEPL CONAGRA FOOD ConAgra Foods, Inc. 5513
PEPL CONCORD ENER Concord Energy LLC 1675
PEPL CONECTIV-EN Conectiv Energy Supply, Inc. 1589
PEPL CONOCOPHIL ConocoPhillips Company 1041
PEPL Camstex Consolidated Asset Management Services (Texas), LLC 14251
PEPL CONSTENGYCH Constellation Energy Gas Choice, LLC 1729
PEPL CONS ENE GEN Constellation Energy Generation, LLC 1653
PEPL CONS NAT GAS Constellation Energy Services - Natural Gas, LLC 5565
PEPL CONSTELL ENE Constellation Energy Services, Inc. 1486
PEPL CONST ENGY Constellation Energy Source, Inc. 1449
PEPL CNEGD-MDCONT Constellation NewEnergy - Gas Division Midcontinent, Inc. 1665
PEPL CNEGD-LLC Constellation NewEnergy - Gas Division, LLC 1470
PEPL CNEGD-CAN Constellation NewEnergy Canada Inc dba Constellation NewEnergy-Gas Division, LLC 5228
PEPL CONSTELL PRO Constellation ProLiance, LLC 14300
PEPL CONSUMERS EN Consumers Energy Company 1085
PEPL CONTINENTAL Continental (US Can) 1382
PEPL CONT-CEMENT Continental Cement Co., Inc. 1358
PEPL CONT-ENERGY Continental Energy 1793
PEPL CONTIN RESOU Continental Resources, Inc. 3241
PEPL CONTINUUM EN Continuum Energy Services, L.L.C. 1632
PEPL CONTINUU PRO Continuum Producer Services, L.L.C. 1424
PEPL COOP INDUSTR Cooperative Industries, L.L.C. 1498
PEPL COPANO GAS/R Copano Natural Gas/Rocky Mountains, LLC 1798
PEPL COPANO PROC Copano Processing LLC 2163
PEPL CORAL CAN Coral Canada US Inc. 1650
PEPL CE CANADA Coral Energy Canada Inc. 5204
PEPL CORAL ENERGY Coral Energy, LLC 1643
PEPL CORNERSTONE Cornerstone Energy, Inc. 1678
PEPL CORNING-GAS Corning Natural Gas Corporation 1042
PEPL CORPUS CHRI Corpus Christi Liquefaction, LLC 15658
PEPL COX OIL Cox Oil Offshore, L.L.C. 15544
PEPL COX OPER Cox Operating, L.L.C. 15541
PEPL COZAT CONSUL Cozat Energy Consulting, LLC 15626
PEPL CP ENERGY MK CP Energy Marketing (US) Inc. 14255
PEPL EPCOR MERCHA CP Energy Marketing Inc. 1667
PEPL CREDIT-SUISS Credit Suisse Energy LLC 5234
PEPL CRESCENDO-RE Crescendo Resources, L.P. 1819
PEPL CREST RIDGE Crest Ridge R-VII School District 1740
PEPL CROSS Cross Company 1355
PEPL CROSS-TIM-SR Cross Timbers Energy Services, Inc. 1783
PEPL CROSSROADS Crossroads Pipeline Company 1404
PEPL DACOTT INDUS Dacott Industries Inc. 1697
PEPL DATA RETRIEV Data Retrieval Corporation 5524
PEPL DAUPHIN ISL Dauphin Island Gathering Partners 5295
PEPL DAYTON-POW Dayton Power and Light Company 1044
PEPL DB ENERGY DB Energy Trading, LLC 5328
PEPL DCP MDSTM MK DCP Midstream Marketing, LLC 1635
PEPL DCP OPER DCP Operating Company, LP 1464
PEPL DCP TOLAR PI DCP Tolar Pipeline, LLC 14273
PEPL DEKALB-SWINE Dekalb Swine Breeders, Inc. 1341
PEPL DELMARVA Delmarva Power & Light Company 1045
PEPL DENBURY Denbury Energy Services, Inc. 1517
PEPL DENBURY RES Denbury Resources, Inc. 1619
PEPL DEVLAR EN MK Devlar Energy Marketing, LLC 5162
PEPL DEVO CAPITAL Devo Capital Management, Inc. 14243
PEPL DEVON EN PRD Devon Energy Production Company, LP 1213
PEPL DEVON GAS Devon Gas Services, L.P. 1615
PEPL TEEPAK Devro-Teepak, Inc. 1346
PEPL DIRECT ENERG Direct Energy Marketing Inc. 5206
PEPL DIRECT-ENGY Direct Energy Marketing Limited 1881
PEPL DIRECT ES Direct Energy Services, LLC 5471
PEPL DIR EN SRC Direct Energy Source, LLC 1698
PEPL DISCOUNT POW Discount Power, Inc. 16064
PEPL DIVERSIFIED0 Diversified Energy Marketing LLC 16151
PEPL DOGWOOD Dogwood Energy LLC 5447
PEPL DOMINIONFUEL Dominion Energy Fuel Services, Inc. 1565
PEPL DOMINION INC Dominion Energy Solutions, Inc. 1544
PEPL DEPI Dominion Exploration & Production, Inc. 1036
PEPL DOMINION EX Dominion Exploration Midcontinent, Inc. 1325
PEPL DOMINION RES Dominion Resource Services 1641
PEPL DORCHESTER M Dorchester Minerals Operating LP 1701
PEPL DOW AGROSCIE Dow Agrosciences 1595
PEPL DRW ENERG TR DRW Energy Trading LLC 15491
PEPL DTE ENER W10 DTE Energy Company 5465
PEPL DTE ENERGY T DTE Energy Trading, Inc. 2098
PEPL DTE GAS CO DTE Gas Company 1196
PEPL DTE METHANE DTE Methane Resources, LLC 5143
PEPL DUKE EN CARO Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC 14276
PEPL DUKE FUEL LP Duke Energy Fuels, L.P. 1569
PEPL DUKE INDIANA Duke Energy Indiana, Inc. 1889
PEPL DUKE ENERGY Duke Energy International 1644
PEPL DUKE LNG M&M Duke Energy LNG Marketing and Management Company 1546
PEPL DUKE LNG SAL Duke Energy LNG Sales, Inc. 2186
PEPL DEMA Duke Energy Marketing America, LLC 1719
PEPL DUKE EN OHIO Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. 1033
PEPL DUKE-EN-RES Duke Energy Resource Management Company 1488
PEPL DUKE-ENGY-TR Duke Energy Trading and Marketing, L.L.C. 1478
PEPL DUNCAN-OIL Duncan Oil Properties, Inc. 1403
PEPL DXT COMMODIT DXT Commodities North America Inc. 15773
PEPL DYNAMIC NS Dynamic Offshore Resources NS, LLC 2182
PEPL DYNASTY Dynasty Gas Marketing 1782
PEPL DYNEGY-TRAN Dynegy Gas Transportation, Inc. 1104
PEPL DYNEGY MARK Dynegy Marketing and Trade, LLC 1304
PEPL DNGY-MID-INC Dynegy Midstream, Inc. 1178
PEPL E PRIME E Prime, Inc. 1506
PEPL EI-DUPONT-DN E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company, Inc. 1353
PEPL EAGLE-EX Eagle Exploration Co., Inc. 1320
PEPL EAST-OHIO East Ohio Gas Company 1047
PEPL EATON RAPIDS Eaton Rapids Storage System 1430
PEPL ECO-ENER-NAT Eco-Energy Natural Gas, LLC 15723
PEPL ECO-ENERGY Eco-Energy, LLC 14377
PEPL ECOVA Ecova, Inc 14230
PEPL EDF TRADING EDF Trading North America, LLC 1709
PEPL EDISON ENERG Edison Energy, LLC 16149
PEPL EFFORT PROP Effort Property Corporation 5416
PEPL EGAN HUB STO Egan Hub Storage, LLC 1962
PEPL EL PASO FLD El Paso Field Services 1427
PEPL ELPASO MKTG El Paso Marketing, L.L.C. 1256
PEPL EL PASO OIL El Paso Production Oil & Gas Company 2111
PEPL ELEMENT MARK Element Markets LLC 5564
PEPL ELIGO ENERGY Eligo Energy Ohio, LLC 15780
PEPL ELIGO ENE PA Eligo Energy PA, LLC 15792
PEPL EMERA ENERGY Emera Energy Services Inc. 14318
PEPL EMPIRE ELEC Empire District Electric Company (The) 5237
PEPL EMPIRE GAS Empire District Gas Company (The) 5236
PEPL ENA UPSTREAM ENA Upstream Company LLC 1627
PEPL ENABLE ENER Enable Energy Resources LLC 1321
PEPL ENABLE GSGTH Enable Gas Gathering, LLC 14272
PEPL ENABLE GAS Enable Gas Transmission, LLC 1014
PEPL ENABLE GATH Enable Gathering & Processing, LLC 14348
PEPL ENABLE MS Enable Mississippi River Transmission, LLC 1091
PEPL ENABLE OK Enable Oklahoma Intrastate Transmission, LLC 1050
PEPL ENBR GAS INC Enbridge Gas Inc. 1146
PEPL ENBRIDGE SVC Enbridge Services Inc. 1660
PEPL ENCANA-SR Encana Energy Services Inc. 1313
PEPL ENCANA GAS Encana Gas Storage Inc. 1563
PEPL ENCORE ENERG Encore Energy Services, Inc. 14264
PEPL END-USERS End Users Supply System, Inc. 1981
PEPL ENEL TRADING Enel Trading North America, LLC 15793
PEPL ENERCON EN Enercon Energy Consulting, Inc. 1550
PEPL ENERCROSS Enercross, LLC 14330
PEPL ENERFIN RES ENERFIN Resources Company 5589
PEPL Energy 95 Energy 95 LLC 14286
PEPL ENERGY ADV Energy Advantage Inc. 5327
PEPL EN COOP NY Energy Cooperative of Western New York, Inc. 1554
PEPL ENERGY CREDI Energy Credit Group, LLC 15925
PEPL ENERGY F & P Energy Financial and Physical, LP 5533
PEPL ENERGY HARBO Energy Harbor, LLC 15795
PEPL ENERGY PLUS Energy Plus Natural Gas LLC 5677
PEPL ENGSERVE Energy Services Group L.L.C. 1510
PEPL ENERGY SOURC Energy Source Canada Inc. 5202
PEPL ENERGY-TRANS Energy Transportation Management, Inc. 1737
PEPL ENERGY-USA Energy USA, Inc. 1489
PEPL ENERGY VELOC Energy Velocity, L.L.C. 1710
PEPL ENERGY VIS Energy Vision, LLC 5229
PEPL ENERSTREAM EnerStream Agency Services, Inc. 5450
PEPL ENERVEST Enervest, LTD. 14383
PEPL ENGAS Engas Managment Company, LLC 14233
PEPL ENGIE ENERGY ENGIE Energy Marketing NA, Inc 15687
PEPL ENGIE RESOUR Engie Resources LLC 15688
PEPL ENGIE RETAIL Engie Retail, LLC (dba Think Energy) 15504
PEPL ENHANCED ENE Enhanced Energy Services of America, LLC 14281
PEPL ENI T & S ENI Trading & Shipping Inc. 14363
PEPL ENJET, INC. Enjet, Inc. 5113
PEPL ENLINK EnLink Gas Marketing, LP 2010
PEPL ENLINK MIDST EnLink Midstream Operating, LP 3236
PEPL ENMARK SER Enmark Services Inc. 1728
PEPL ENOVATE LLC Enovate, L.L.C. 1624
PEPL ENRON ENERGY Enron Energy Services, Inc. 1522
PEPL ENRON MW Enron MW, L.L.C. 1614
PEPL ENRON NORTH Enron North America Corp. 1257
PEPL ENRON OIL Enron Oil & Gas Company, Inc. 1056
PEPL ENSERCO ENER Enserco Energy LLC 1482
PEPL ENSIGN OPERA Ensign Operating LLC 16067
PEPL ENSTOR ES Enstor Energy Services, LLC 14238
PEPL ENTECH USB EnTech Utility Service Bureau, LLC 1705
PEPL ENTERGY LOU0 Entergy Louisiana, LLC 16736
PEPL ENTERGY-KOCH Entergy-Koch Trading, LP 1916
PEPL ENTER GAS PR Enterprise Gas Processing, LLC 2073
PEPL ENTERPRISE C Enterprise Products Operating LLC 2137
PEPL ENTRUST ENER Entrust Energy East, Inc. 14384
PEPL EOG RES MKTG EOG Resources Marketing, Inc. 1605
PEPL EOG RESOURCE EOG Resources, Inc. 2164
PEPL EPENERGY E&P EP Energy E&P Company, L.P. 2102
PEPL EPL O&G EPL Oil & Gas, Inc. 2160
PEPL EQUINOR NATU Equinor Natural Gas LLC 5111
PEPL EQUISTAR Equistar Chemicals, L.P. 1512
PEPL ET GATHERING ET Gathering & Processing LLC 16636
PEPL ENDURE ENERG ETC Endure Energy L.L.C. 5503
PEPL ETC ETC Marketing, Ltd. 1683
PEPL ETHANOL PROD Ethanol Products, LLC 15518
PEPL EVERGY KANS Evergy Kansas Central, Inc. 1071
PEPL EVERGY METRO Evergy Metro, Inc. 1360
PEPL EVERGY MO WE Evergy Missouri West, Inc. 1406
PEPL EVERYDAY EN Everyday Energy, LLC 14259
PEPL EXELON CORP Exelon Corporation 5593
PEPL EXELON EC Exelon Energy Company 5470
PEPL EXXON-MOBIL Exxon Mobil Corporation 1053
PEPL EX MOBL GP ExxonMobil Gas & Power Marketing Company, A Division of Exxon Mobil Corp. 1165
PEPL EXXONMOBIL 0 ExxonMobil Oil Corporation 16631
PEPL FAIRWAY MIDS Fairway Midstream Services & Trading, Inc. 1714
PEPL FAIRWAYS OFF Fairways Offshore Exploration, Inc. 2095
PEPL FELLON-MCCOR Fellon-McCord & Associates, Inc 1400
PEPL FIDELITY-NAT Fidelity Natural Gas, Inc. 1880
PEPL FIELDWOOD Fieldwood Energy LLC 14317
PEPL FLDWOOD OFFS Fieldwood Energy Offshore, LLC 5680
PEPL FIRST ENERGY First Energy 1590
PEPL FIRST-NAT First National Oil, Inc. 1855
PEPL FIRSTEN SOL FirstEnergy Solutions Corp. 1600
PEPL FLORIDA-GAS Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC 1055
PEPL FLA P&L Florida Power & Light Company 1493
PEPL FORD Ford Motor Company 1343
PEPL FORESTOIL Forest Oil Corporation 1423
PEPL FORESTER MID Forester Midstream, LLC 16673
PEPL FOSTER ENERG Foster Energy Services, LLC 14267
PEPL FOSTERIA ETH Fostoria Ethanol, LLC 5578
PEPL FOUNDATION Foundation Energy Management LLC 15495
PEPL FOUR STAR Four Star Oil & Gas Company 1537
PEPL FREEPOINT CO Freepoint Commodities LLC 14252
PEPL FRONTIER ENE Frontier Energy Services LLC 5585
PEPL FRONTIER OIL Frontier Oil and Refining Company 1715
PEPL FRONTIER UTI Frontier Utilities Northeast, LLC. 15519
PEPL FUYAO GLASS Fuyao Glass Illinois, Inc. 15628
PEPL GE OPERATING G. E. Operating Co., Inc. 1418
PEPL GALLATIN ENE Gallatin Energy Corporation 14356
PEPL GAS-ENERFAX Gas Enerfax 1399
PEPL GAS NATURAL Gas Natural Resources, LLC 16112
PEPL GAS SOUTH LL Gas South, LLC 15843
PEPL GASEARCH Gasearch, LLC 15585
PEPL GASTRAK Gastrak Corporation 1058
PEPL GESC Gateway Energy Services Corporation 5540
PEPL GATEWAY EN Gateway Energy Services Limited 5521
PEPL GATEWAY GATH Gateway Gathering and Marketing Company 1410
PEPL GAZPROM Gazprom Marketing & Trading USA, Inc. 5492
PEPL GDF SUEZ EN GDF Suez Energy Marketing NA, Inc. 5366
PEPL GED Gedi, Inc. 1231
PEPL GELBER-GROUP Gelber Group, Inc. 1878
PEPL GENRL-MOTORS General Motors - Central Foundry - Danville 1378
PEPL GENRL-MTRS General Motors Corporation 1060
PEPL GENERATION Generation Pipeline LLC 15559
PEPL GENON ENERGY GenOn Energy Management, LLC 5611
PEPL GENON WHLSL GenOn Wholesale Generation, LP 5108
PEPL GENSCAPE Genscape, Inc. 15031
PEPL GESTALT Gestalt, LLC 5324
PEPL GLACIAL NAT Glacial Natural Gas, Inc. 5600
PEPL GLEN-GERY Glen Gery Corporation 1258
PEPL GLENCORE Glencore, Ltd 5487
PEPL GLJ ENERGY GLJ Energy Publications Inc. 1408
PEPL GP ENERGY GP Energy Management LLC 15047
PEPL GPM-GAS GPM Gas Marketing 1860
PEPL GRAND ENERGY Grand Energy, LLC 15842
PEPL GREAT AMERIC Great American Gas & Electric, LLC 15887
PEPL GL ETHANOL Great Lakes Ethanol 5157
PEPL GRTLKS-GAS Great Lakes Gas Transmission L.P. 1061
PEPL GREEN PL CEN Green Plains Central City, LLC 14335
PEPL GREEN PLAINS Green Plains Holdings II LLC 5165
PEPL EGP Green Plains Obion LLC 5238
PEPL GREEN PS Green Plains Shenandoah LLC 14340
PEPL GREEN PL TRA Green Plains Trade Group LLC dba Green Plains Energy Services 14314
PEPL GREENLIGHT E Greenlight Energy Inc 15901
PEPL GUARDIAN-IND Guardian Industries, LLC 1339
PEPL GULFCOAST GG Gulf Coast Gas Gathering, LLC 5488
PEPL GULF SOUTH Gulf South Pipeline Company, L.P. 1933
PEPL GULFMARK EN Gulfmark Energy, Inc. 1538
PEPL GUTTMAN ENER Guttman Energy, Inc. 14341
PEPL HAEGER-POT Haeger Potteries of Macomb, A Division of Haeger Industries, Inc 1347
PEPL HALL-HOUSTON Hall-Houston Exploration, L. P. 5267
PEPL HANNIBAL HOS Hannibal Regional Hospital 5476
PEPL HARBISON Harbison-Walker Refractories 1744
PEPL HARTREE Hartree Partners, LP 5496
PEPL HAVEN PROCE Haven Processing, LLC 14347
PEPL HAVEN STEEL Haven Steel Products, Inc. 1456
PEPL HAYES LEMMER Hayes Lemmerz International, Inc. 1440
PEPL HAZELTON Hazelton City Gas System 1774
PEPL HELMRCH-PYNE Helmerich & Payne, Inc. 1322
PEPL HESS Hess Corporation 1191
PEPL HESS TRADING Hess Trading Corporation 14372
PEPL HIGH PLAINS High Plains Ponderosa Dairy, LLC 16118
PEPL HIGHMT E&P Highmount Exploration & Production LLC 5568
PEPL HILCORP ENE1 Hilcorp Energy Development LP 16648
PEPL HOLCIM Holcim (US) Inc. 15736
PEPL HOLLYFRONTIE HollyFrontier Sinclair Refining and Marketing 16640
PEPL HONEYWELL Honeywell International Inc. 1268
PEPL HOUSING SERV Housing Services Corporation 5275
PEPL HS ENERGY HS Energy Services, Inc. 1438
PEPL HUBER ENERGY Huber Energy Services, L.P. 1720
PEPL HUDSON ENERG Hudson Energy Services, LLC 15660
PEPL HUNT CHIEF Hunt Chieftan Development, LP 2121
PEPL HUNT OIL Hunt Oil Company 1067
PEPL HUSKER AG, L Husker AG, LLC 15861
PEPL HUSKY MKTG Husky Marketing and Supply Company 5676
PEPL HYDROC EXCH Hydrocarbon Exchange Corp. 14249
PEPL ICE NGX ICE NGX Canada Inc. 5422
PEPL ICON MIDSTRE Icon Midstream Marketing, LLC 16156
PEPL IDT ENERGY IDT Energy, Inc 15730
PEPL IL POWER GEN Illinois Power Generating Company 1628
PEPL INDECK-ENER Indeck Energy Services, Inc. 1421
PEPL INDIANA ENER Indiana Energy Services, Inc. 1432
PEPL INDGAS-INC Indiana Gas Company, Inc. 1983
PEPL INGAS VCTRN Indiana Gas Company, Inc. D/B/A Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana, Inc. 14294
PEPL INDIANA MUNI Indiana Municipal Gas Purchasing Authority, Inc. 5356
PEPL INDIANA-NAT Indiana Natural Gas Corporation 1175
PEPL IND-POWER Indianapolis Power & Light Company 1591
PEPL INDIGO MINE1 Indigo Minerals LLC 15824
PEPL INFINITE ENE Infinite Energy, LLC 5159
PEPL INSPIRE ENER Inspire Energy Holdings, LLC 15895
PEPL INTELLIGENCE Intelligence Press Inc. 1663
PEPL INTERMET Intermet - Palmyra Facility 5475
PEPL INTERSTATE Interstate Gas Marketing, Inc. 1786
PEPL INTRST-GAS Interstate Gas Supply, LLC 1867
PEPL INTERSTA-MUN Interstate Municipal Gas Agency 1821
PEPL INTERST P&L Interstate Power and Light Company 14309
PEPL ISP Chemco ISP Chemco Inc. 5612
PEPL IVEX Ivex Corporation 1364
PEPL JARON-CO J. Aron & Company 1882
PEPL JM-HUBER J. M. Huber Corporation 1069
PEPL J.P.MORGAN J.P. Morgan Ventures Energy Corporation 5305
PEPL JACKSON P/L Jackson Pipeline Company 5567
PEPL JANIX ENERGY Janix Energy Services, LLC 16091
PEPL JAY BEE PROD Jay Bee Production Company 15804
PEPL JEFFERSON IS Jefferson Island Storage & Hub L.L.C. 3205
PEPL JETT OIL Jett Oil, LLC 5397
PEPL JMA ENERGY JMA Energy Company, LLC 14216
PEPL JOHNS MANV Johns Manville 1851
PEPL JOSCO ENERGY Josco Energy Corporation 15645
PEPL JPMORGANBANK JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. 5329
PEPL JUST INDIANA Just Energy Indiana Corp. 5544
PEPL ONTARIO ENER Just Energy Ontario L.P. 5203
PEPL JUST ENERGY Just Energy Solutions Inc. 5543
PEPL JX NIPPON JX Nippon Oil Exploration (U.S.A.) Limited 1311
PEPL K2 COMMOD K2 Commodities, LLC 15536
PEPL KC BD PUB UT Kansas City Board of Public Utilities 15642
PEPL KANSAS ENER Kansas Energy Partners LLC 1696
PEPL KANSAS-GAS Kansas Gas Supply Corporation 1070
PEPL KANSAS MUNIC Kansas Municipal Energy Agency 15919
PEPL KS MUNI GAS Kansas Municipal Gas Agency 1672
PEPL KANSAS POWER Kansas Power Pool 15921
PEPL KS-SMITH Kansas-Smith Farms 5217
PEPL KCS ENERGY KCS Energy Marketing, Inc. 1052
PEPL KEMIRA CHEMI Kemira Chemicals 1707
PEPL KEN PETRO Ken Petroleum Corporation 1446
PEPL KENT STATE Kent State University 1655
PEPL KERR MCGEE E Kerr McGee Energy Services Corporation 1691
PEPL KERR-MCGEE Kerr-McGee Corporation 1072
PEPL KERRMCGEENAT Kerr-McGee Natural Gas, Inc. 1436
PEPL KERR-MCGEE O Kerr-McGee Oil & Gas Corporation 2045
PEPL K-M O&G ONSH Kerr-McGee Oil & Gas Onshore LP 1577
PEPL KEYSTONE CON Keystone Consolidated Industries, Inc. 1345
PEPL KIMBALL Kimball Resources, Inc. 1275
PEPL KINDR TX LLC Kinder Morgan Texas Pipeline LLC 5170
PEPL KINECT ENER Kinect Energy, Inc. 1602
PEPL KINGFISHER Kingfisher Midstream LLC 15501
PEPL KIOWA Kiowa Gas Company 1073
PEPL KANSAS-NEBRK KN Energy, Inc. 1330
PEPL KN-MARK-INC KN Marketing, Inc. 1074
PEPL KOCH ENERGY Koch Energy Services LLC 14298
PEPL KOCH SUPPLY Koch Supply & Trading, LP 5195
PEPL KPC PL KPC Pipeline, LLC 5439
PEPL LC LNG Lake Charles LNG Company, LLC 242
PEPL LAKESHORE Lakeshore Energy Services 5303
PEPL LEBANON-CHEM Lebanon Chemical Corporation 1745
PEPL LEE 8 STORAG Lee 8 Storage Partnership 1434
PEPL LEHMAN BROTH Lehman Brothers Commodity Services Inc. 5316
PEPL LEMCO Leveraged Energy Management 5400
PEPL LIBERTY UTIL Liberty Utilities (Midstates Natural Gas) Corp. 14245
PEPL LIG CHEMICAL LIG Chemical Company, LLC 1159
PEPL LIMA REFININ Lima Refining Company 5673
PEPL LINEAR ENRGY Linear Energy Management, L. P. 5243
PEPL LINN OPER Linn Operating, Inc. 5477
PEPL LIPPMAN CONS Lippman Consulting, Inc. 1662
PEPL LLOG EXPLORA LLOG Exploration Company, LLC 1735
PEPL KINETREX LNG Indy, LLC dba Kinetrex Energy 15488
PEPL LOBO PIPE Lobo Pipeline Company LLC 1500
PEPL LOCAL AUTH Local Authority Services Ltd. 5326
PEPL LOCKHEED Lockheed Martin Naval Electronics & Surveillance Systems Akron 1654
PEPL LONGHORN Longhorn Pipeline Company 1312
PEPL LOUISIANA-L Louisiana Land and Exploration Company 1079
PEPL LS POWER LS Power Corporation 14236
PEPL LSP COTTAGE LSP- Cottage Grove, L.P. 14235
PEPL LUMEN MDSTRM Lumen Midstream Partnerships, LLC 5323
PEPL LUMINANT Luminant Energy Company LLC 1035
PEPL M3 & W INC M3 & W Inc 1646
PEPL MACH-PETRO Mach Petroleum, Inc. 1849
PEPL MACON Macon Municipal Utilities 1751
PEPL MACQUARIE Macquarie Energy LLC 1445
PEPL MACSTEEL MacSteel A Division of Quanex 1525
PEPL MAGIC-CIRCLE Magic Circle Energy Corporation 1396
PEPL MAGNUM HUNTE Magnum Hunter Production Inc. 1703
PEPL MAGNUS ENERG Magnus Energy Marketing, Ltd. 5149
PEPL MANSFIELD PO Mansfield Power and Gas, LLC 15030
PEPL MANVILLE Manville Building Materials Corporation 1342
PEPL MARABOU INC. Marabou Inc. 5128
PEPL MARATHON-OIL Marathon Oil Company 1081
PEPL MARGASCO Margasco Partnership 1814
PEPL MARION Marion County Milling Company 1746
PEPL MARION ETH Marion Ethanol, LLC 5579
PEPL MARITECH RES Maritech Resources, Inc. 2145
PEPL MARKWEST Markwest Hydrocarbon, Inc. 1552
PEPL MARKWEST OK MarkWest Oklahoma Gas Company, L.L.C. 1718
PEPL MARSHL UTIL Marshall Municipal Utilities 5105
PEPL MARTIN ENER Martin Energy Trading LLC 14357
PEPL MARWELL PETR Marwell Petroleum, Inc. 1244
PEPL MASEFIELD Masefield Natural Gas, Inc. 5186
PEPL MASON-HANGER Mason & Hanger Corporation 1356
PEPL MATERIAL PAC Materials Packaging Corp 5490
PEPL MATTERHORN E Matterhorn Express Pipeline, LLC 16683
PEPL MAXUS Maxus Energy Corporation 1082
PEPL MCGEE-PACK McGee Packing Co 1742
PEPL MCLAREN-HOSP McLaren Regional Medical Center 1344
PEPL MEDIAN ENERG Median Energy Corp. 15665
PEPL MEMPHS-LIGHT Memphis Light, Gas & Water Division 1288
PEPL MERCHANT EN Merchant Energy Group of the Americas, Inc. 1526
PEPL MERCURIA ENE Mercuria Energy America, LLC 15524
PEPL MERCURIA Mercuria Energy Gas Trading LLC 14373
PEPL MERCURY ENER Mercury Energy Ohio, LLC 15781
PEPL MER RES & EX Meridian Resource & Exploration Company, The 1471
PEPL MER R&E LLC Meridian Resource & Exploration LLC, The 2184
PEPL MERIT ENERGY Merit Energy Company 1876
PEPL MERIT II Merit Hugoton II, LLP 15540
PEPL MERIT HUGO Merit Hugoton, L.P. 14367
PEPL MERRILL LYNC Merrill Lynch Commodities, Inc. 3004
PEPL MESA-LTD Mesa Limited Partnership 1787
PEPL METROHEALTH MetroHealth Medical Center 1657
PEPL METROMEDIA Metromedia Energy, Inc. 5542
PEPL MEWBOURNE Mewbourne Oil Company 1812
PEPL MG-NAT-GAS MG Natural Gas Corp. 1019
PEPL MIAMI-PIPE Miami Pipe Line Company 1094
PEPL MIAMI-VALLEY Miami Valley Resources, Inc. 1883
PEPL MICHIGAN GAS Michigan Gas Utilities 1086
PEPL MGU CORP Michigan Gas Utilities Corporation 5207
PEPL MID AM BRICK Mid America Brick & Structural Clay Products, L.L.C. 5615
PEPL MID CONT Mid Continent Market Center, L.L.C. 1450
PEPL MID-CON-TRAN Mid Continent Transportation, Inc. 1201
PEPL MID-MISSOURI Mid-Missouri Energy, LLC 1730
PEPL MID-STATES E Mid-States Energy, LP 5227
PEPL MIDAM ENERGY MidAmerican Energy Company 1534
PEPL MIDCOAST EN Midcoast Energy, LLC 5576
PEPL MIDCOAST G&P Midcoast G & P (Oklahoma) L.P. 5155
PEPL MIDCOAST LP Midcoast Marketing (U.S.) L.P. 1001
PEPL MIDCOAST OK Midcoast Pipelines (Oklahoma Transmission) L.L.C. 5553
PEPL MIDCOAST TX Midcoast Pipelines (Texas Gathering) L.P. 1560
PEPL MIDLAND-COG Midland Cogeneration Venture Limited Partnership 1088
PEPL MIDSTREAM EN Midstream Energy Service Oklahoma, LLC 5285
PEPL MIDWEST ELEC Midwest Electric Power, Inc. 1608
PEPL MW ENERGY Midwest Energy, Inc. 1529
PEPL MW GAS SERV Midwest Gas Services, Inc. 1415
PEPL MW GAS STOR Midwest Gas Storage, Inc. 1623
PEPL MW ISO Midwest Independent System Operator 5362
PEPL MW UNITED Midwest United Energy, LLC 1581
PEPL MIDWEST-GAS Midwestern Gas Transmission Company 1089
PEPL MILLENUM PET Millennium Petrochemicals Inc. 1363
PEPL MIRANT LP Mirant Americas Energy Marketing, LP 1511
PEPL MIRANT AMERI Mirant Americas Retail 1670
PEPL MO ETHANOL Missouri Ethanol, LLC 5288
PEPL MGEMO Missouri Gas Energy, A Division of Southern Union Company 1402
PEPL MO EUC Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission 5257
PEPL MOPUB Missouri Public Service 1297
PEPL MITSUI Mitsui & Co., Energy Marketing and Services (USA), Inc. 15647
PEPL MOBILEXP-PRO Mobil Exploration & Producing U.S. Inc. 1426
PEPL MOBIL-NAT Mobil Natural Gas Inc. 1096
PEPL MOBIUS RISK Mobius Risk Group, LLC 5172
PEPL MODERNENERGY Modern Energy Management, Inc. 1585
PEPL MODINE MFG Modine Manufacturing Co. 5125
PEPL MO PIPELINE MoGas Pipeline LLC 1748
PEPL MONSANTO GEN Monsanto Choice Genetics 1708
PEPL MONTPELIER Montpelier Generating Station, LLC 15652
PEPL MORGAN-STNLY Morgan Stanley Capital Group Inc. 1804
PEPL MORSE Morse Utility Company 1796
PEPL MOUNT-IRON Mountain Iron & Supply Company 1823
PEPL MT PETRO Mountain Petroluem Corporation 15017
PEPL MOUNTAINEER Mountaineer Gas Company 14352
PEPL MP Gulf of M MP Gulf of Mexico, LLC 15715
PEPL MPOW ENE LLC MPower Energy LLC 15726
PEPL MTM PEROLEUM MTM Petroleum, Inc. 1611
PEPL MUNICH Munich Re Trading LLC 5573
PEPL MGAG Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia 14269
PEPL MUNICIPAL GA Municipal Gas Authority of Mississippi 1966
PEPL MUNICIPAL Municipal Gas Commission of Missouri 1785
PEPL MSTNG FL MKT Mustang Fuel Marketing Company 1524
PEPL MUSTANG GAS Mustang Gas Products, LLC 5179
PEPL MVP GAS MVP Gas Services, LLC 15517
PEPL NADAL AND GU Nadal and Gussman 16748
PEPL NARCO-KERBS Narco-Kerbs 1870
PEPL NASDAQ OMX NASDAQ OMX Commodities Clearing Company 5205
PEPL NATNL EN LP National Energy & Trade, LP 1674
PEPL NATL FUEL MK National Fuel Marketing Company LLC 1606
PEPL NAT-FUEL-RES National Fuel Resources, Inc. 1913
PEPL NGANDE National Gas and Electric, LLC 15493
PEPL NATNL HEL National Helium, LLC 1371
PEPL NATNL-REFAC National Refractories and Minerals Corp. Inc. 1215
PEPL NAT REG-CR National Registry of Capacity Rights 1497
PEPL NATNL-STEEL National Steel Corporation 1102
PEPL NATNL-STEELG National Steel Corporation - Great Lakes Steel Division 1338
PEPL NATURAL-GAS Natural G.A.S. Gas Alternative Services Corporation 1861
PEPL NATGAS-FUEL Natural Gas Fuel Company 1336
PEPL NGPL Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America 1103
PEPL NDR ENERGY NDR Energy Group 5330
PEPL NESI NESI Energy Marketing L.L.C. 1451
PEPL NESTLE USA Nestle USA, Inc. 1468
PEPL NJ NAT GAS New Jersey Natural Gas Company 5501
PEPL NEW-MEXICO New Mexico Natural Gas, LP 1858
PEPL NEW WAVE ENE New Wave Energy, LLC 15803
PEPL NEW-INDYHART New-Indy Hartford City LLC 1588
PEPL NEWFIELD MID Newfield Exploration Mid Continent 5574
PEPL NEWPORT CHEM Newport Chemical Depot Local Reuse Authority 5566
PEPL NEXANS INC Nexans Magnet Wire USA Inc. 1425
PEPL NEXEN MARKET Nexen Marketing U.S.A. Inc. 1636
PEPL Next Gen Next Generation Processing, LLC. 14315
PEPL NEXTERA ENE NextEra Energy Marketing, LLC 5286
PEPL NEXTERA OH Nextera Energy Services, Ohio, LLC 15002
PEPL NGL CRUDE NGL Crude Logistics LLC 5376
PEPL NICOLE EN Nicole Energy Services, Inc. 1575
PEPL NIGARA MOHWK Nigara Mohawk Power Corporation 5516
PEPL NISKA GAS ST Niska Gas Storage LLC 5344
PEPL NJR ENERGY S NJR Energy Services Company, LLC 1694
PEPL NOBLE ENERGY Noble Energy, Inc. 1129
PEPL NORDIC ES Nordic Energy Services, LLC 5602
PEPL NOR-AMER North American Energy Conservation Inc. 1483
PEPL NA POWER&GAS North American Power and Gas, LLC 14303
PEPL NRTH-AM-REF North American Refractories Company 1239
PEPL NORTH COAST North Coast Gas Transmission, LLC 15965
PEPL NORTHSTAR North Star Steel Company 1340
PEPL NTEXAS GAS North Texas Gas 1459
PEPL NORTHEAST-MO Northeast Missouri Electric Power Corporation 1899
PEPL NE MO GRAIN Northeast Missouri Grain, LLC 1601
PEPL NORTHEAST OH Northeast Ohio Natural Gas Corp 16065
PEPL NIGAS Northern Illinois Gas Company 1106
PEPL NIPSCO Northern Indiana Public Service Company LLC 1743
PEPL NORTH-NAT Northern Natural Gas Company 1107
PEPL NORTHSTAR OF Northstar Offshore Energy Partners, LLC 5491
PEPL NOVANEX ENER Novanex Energy LLC 15765
PEPL NRG BUS MKTG NRG Business Marketing LLC 14310
PEPL NRG PWR MKTG NRG Power Marketing LLC 1626
PEPL NTHERM nTherm, LLC 15643
PEPL NUCOR CORPOR Nucor Corporation 16740
PEPL NUCOR CRAWFO Nucor Corporation d/b/a Nucor Crawfordsville 5171
PEPL NUCOR-STL Nucor Steel, A Division of Nucor Corporation 1380
PEPL NUI INC NUI Utilities, Inc. 1441
PEPL NUTRECO CAN Nutreco Canada Inc 5426
PEPL OCCI ENERGY Occidental Energy Marketing, Inc. 1557
PEPL OHIO-GAS Ohio Gas Company 1989
PEPL OHIO GAS ENE Ohio Gas Energy Services Company 5200
PEPL OHIOVAL-GAS Ohio Valley Gas, Inc. 1176
PEPL OILCOGAS Oilco Gas Co., L.C. 5561
PEPL OKLAHOMA ENE Oklahoma Energy Source, LLC 16068
PEPL OKTEX PIPELI Oktex Pipeline Co. 1617
PEPL OMEGA LLC Omega Pipeline Company, LLC 1671
PEPL ONE GAS ONE Gas, Inc. dba Kansas Gas Service Company 14343
PEPL ONE NATION E One Nation Energy Solutions, LLC 1706
PEPL ONEOK-EN-II ONEOK Energy Marketing and Trading Company, II 1458
PEPL ONEOK E S LP ONEOK Energy Services Company, L.P. 1255
PEPL ONEOK FLD ONEOK Field Services Company, L.L.C. 1576
PEPL ONEOKTRANS ONEOK Gas Transportation, L.L.C. 1579
PEPL ONEOK INC ONEOK, Inc. dba Kansas Gas Service Company 1516
PEPL ONG-TRANS ONG Transmission Company, A Division of ONEOK 1868
PEPL ONTARIO ENGY Ontario Energy Savings Corp 1647
PEPL OREGON CLEAN Oregon Clean Energy, LLC 15661
PEPL ORION Orion Pipeline, LTD 5572
PEPL ORMET PRIMAR Ormet Primary Aluminum Corporation 5118
PEPL OSAWAT-HOSP Osawatomie State Hospital 1370
PEPL OSBORN-ENERG Osborn Energy, L.L.C. 1587
PEPL OVINTIV MKTG Ovintiv Marketing Inc. 1475
PEPL OWENS-BROCK Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc. 1533
PEPL OXYGASMKTG OXY Gas Marketing, Inc. 1781
PEPL PACE GLOBAL Pace Global Energy Services (LLC) 1573
PEPL PACE IND Pace Industries, Inc. 1433
PEPL PACIFIC SUM Pacific Summit Energy LLC 5391
PEPL PALMCO Palmco Energy OH, LLC 14241
PEPL PALO DURO M0 Palo Duro Midstream, LLC 15906
PEPL PANDA MONTGO Panda Montgomery Power, L.P. 1630
PEPL PANDA Panda Resources, Inc. 1252
PEPL PEPL Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company, LP 241
PEPL PANOAK O&G Panoak Oil & Gas Corporation 5480
PEPL PARALLEL ENE Parallel Energy LP 14257
PEPL PARK POWER Park Power, LLC 15772
PEPL PATHPOINT E1 PathPoint Energy LLC 16062
PEPL PATINA O&G Patina Oil & Gas Corporation 1724
PEPL PAWNEE Pawnee Village Warehouse 1374
PEPL PCS NIT FERT PCS Nitrogen Fertilizer, LP 1607
PEPL PCS N Ohio PCS Nitrogen Ohio, LP 5679
PEPL PCS NIT OHIO PCS Nitrogen Ohio, LP, BP Amoco Chemical Company & Lima Refining Company 1731
PEPL PCS NITROGEN PCS Nitrogen Ohio, LP, Ineos USA LLC and Lima Refining Company 5371
PEPL PECO ENERGY Peco Energy Company 1437
PEPL PENINSULA Peninsula Energy Services Company, Inc. 15059
PEPL PENN VGNA Penn Virginia Resource Partners, L.P. 5121
PEPL PEOPLES RES Peoples Energy Resources Inc. 1551
PEPL PEOPLES EWM Peoples Energy Wholesale Marketing, LLC 5138
PEPL PEOPLES Peoples Gas & Electric 1759
PEPL PEOPLES-L&C Peoples Gas Light and Coke Company (The) 1113
PEPL PEOPLES GAS Peoples Gas System Inc. 14327
PEPL PEOP NAT GAS Peoples Natural Gas Company, Division of Aquila, Inc. 1131
PEPL PEPCO SRV PEPCO Energy Services, Inc. 1866
PEPL PEPL-ASSET PEPL Asset Reduction 1921
PEPL PEPL-CO-SALE PEPL Cash-Out Sales 1909
PEPL PEPL-CASHOUT PEPL Cashout Purchases 1908
PEPL PEPL-FUEL-AD PEPL Fuel Adjustment 1923
PEPL PEPL-IBO PEPL Intermediate By Others 1924
PEPL PETRO/SC PEPL Settlement Adjustments 1928
PEPL TERM-RETAIN PEPL Terminated - Retained 1930
PEPL PET-EX-2 PEPL Terminated/Sales 1926
PEPL PET-EX-1 PEPL Unauthorized Gas Deliveries 1927
PEPL PEPL-UNA PEPL Unauthorized Gas Receipts 1907
PEPL PERRY Perry Gas Companies, Inc. 1115
PEPL PETRO CONSUL Petro Consultants, Inc 15819
PEPL PETRO-CANADA Petro-Canada 5389
PEPL PETROBRAS Petrobras America Inc. 2009
PEPL PETROCHINA PetroChina International (America) Inc. 14302
PEPL PETROCOM ENE Petrocom Energy Group Ltd 1621
PEPL PETROCOM VEN Petrocom Ventures, Ltd. 5104
PEPL PG&E-TRAD PG&E Energy Trading-Gas Corporation 1496
PEPL PHILLIPS 660 Phillips 66 Energy Trading LLC 16080
PEPL PHILLIPS EXP Phillips Exploration 1428
PEPL PHIL-PIPE-CO Phillips Pipe Line Company 1375
PEPL PHILLIPS PRO Phillips Production Company 1412
PEPL PHOENIX GAS Phoenix Gas Pipeline Company 1574
PEPL PIEDMONT NAT Piedmont Natural Gas Company, Inc. 5135
PEPL PILLSBURY Pillsbury Company (Princeville) 1366
PEPL PINNACLE ENE Pinnacle Energy Company, Inc 1429
PEPL PINNA EN LLC Pinnacle Energy, LLC 1612
PEPL PINTAIL-CO Pintail 1334
PEPL PIONEER NAT Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc. 1324
PEPL PIVOTAL Pivotal Utility Holdings, Inc. 5500
PEPL PLNS GS SOL Plains Gas Solutions, LLC 5161
PEPL PLAINS PROD Plains Producers Association 1583
PEPL PLANET EC Planet Energy (Ontario) Corp. 5453
PEPL PLATTS Platts, A McGraw-Hill Company 1695
PEPL POCO MKT Poco Marketing Ltd 1580
PEPL POET BIOREFI Poet Biorefining - Alexandria, LLC 5260
PEPL POGO-PROD Pogo Producing Company 1112
PEPL POLO-ENERGY Polo Energy Corporation 1245
PEPL POST ROCK Post Rock Gas, Inc. 1422
PEPL POWER-SILICA Power Silicates, Inc. 1357
PEPL POWEREX Powerex Corp. 5530
PEPL PPG CANADA I PPG Canada Inc. 1689
PEPL PPG-IND PPG Industries, Inc. 1109
PEPL PRAFFORD-GAS Prafford Gas System, LLC 1622
PEPL PRAIRIE-DRY Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc. 1369
PEPL PRAIRIE POW Prairie Power, Inc. 1567
PEPL PRAX ENERGY Prax Energy Services LLC 15618
PEPL PREMSTAR Premstar Energy Canada Ltd. 1527
PEPL PRIMARY PROD Primary Products Ingredients Americas LLC 15856
PEPL PRIME-OPER Prime Operating Company 1397
PEPL PRIMERO GAS Primero Gas Marketing Company 1566
PEPL PROSOLUTIONS Pro Solutions, L.L.C. 14329
PEPL PROGRESS VEN Progress Ventures, Inc 2183
PEPL PROLIANCE ProLiance Energy, LLC 1462
PEPL PROLIANCE TR Proliance Transportation and Storage, LLC 5168
PEPL PROMET Promet Energy Partners, LLC 5221
PEPL PROV-GAS Providence Gas Company (The) 1987
PEPL PSEG ENERGY PSEG Energy Resources & Trade LLC 1668
PEPL PUBL SVC-NC Public Service Company of North Carolina, Inc. 1988
PEPL PUBLIC-SERV Public Service Electric & Gas Company 1122
PEPL Q-WEST Q-West Energy Company 5538
PEPL QEP ENERGY C QEP Energy Company 5571
PEPL QUAMTUM G&P Quantum Gas & Power Services, Ltd. 5678
PEPL QUANTUM GAS Quantum Gas Services, Inc. 1645
PEPL QUESTER ENER Questar Energy Trading Company 1467
PEPL QUICKSILVER Quicksilver Resources Inc. 5313
PEPL R&B OIL R&B Oil & Gas Inc. 1443
PEPL RADIATE ENE0 Radiate Energy LLC 15879
PEPL RAINBOW EN Rainbow Energy Marketing Corporation 15004
PEPL RAMA OPER Rama Operating Co., Inc. 1394
PEPL RANGE RE Range Resources - Appalachia, LLC 14262
PEPL RATIO ENERGY Ratio Energy, Inc 15761
PEPL REALGY Realgy, LLC 5532
PEPL RGNC INTR GS Regency Intrastate Gas LP 5192
PEPL RELIUS Relius Energy, LLC 1542
PEPL RENAIS OFFSH Renaissance Offshore, LLC 14224
PEPL Repsol Energ Repsol Energy Canada Ltd. 15711
PEPL REPSOL EN Repsol Energy North America Corporation 5430
PEPL RESIDENTS EN Residents Energy, LLC 15783
PEPL RICE ENERGY Rice Energy Marketing LLC 15028
PEPL RICHL-STRYK Richland-Stryker Generation LLC 14219
PEPL RILEY-NAT-GS Riley Natural Gas Company 1277
PEPL RINGWOOD Ringwood Gathering Company 1331
PEPL RIVER ENERGY River Energy LLC 16751
PEPL RP-WILSON Robert P. Wilson, Inc. 1897
PEPL ROCKIES EXPR Rockies Express Pipeline LLC 5394
PEPL ROOSTER PET Rooster Petroleum, LLC 5309
PEPL ROSEWOOD Rosewood Resources, Inc. 5485
PEPL ROVER Rover Pipeline LLC 15550
PEPL RBC Royal Bank of Canada 5597
PEPL RRI ENE SERV RRI Energy Services, LLC 1250
PEPL RWE TRADING RWE Trading Americas Inc. 1659
PEPL S&P GLOBAL S&P Global Market Intelligence 5173
PEPL SABINE LIQ Sabine Pass Liquefaction, LLC 15010
PEPL SABINE LLC Sabine Pipe Line LLC 1128
PEPL SGC LINCOLN Saint-Gobain Containers, L.L.C. 1571
PEPL SAJA ENERGY Saja Energy LLC 14353
PEPL SAMSONLONEST Samson Lone Star Limited Partnership 1556
PEPL SAMSON-RES Samson Resources Company 1130
PEPL SAMSUNG AM Samsung America Inc 5123
PEPL SAMSUNG OIL Samsung Oil & Gas USA Corp. 5415
PEPL SANDRIDGE EN SandRidge Energy, Inc. 15852
PEPL SANDY ROAD F Sandy Road Farms 15898
PEPL SANFORD ENE Sanford Energy Associates, LLC 15712
PEPL SANTANNA-GAS Santanna Natural Gas Corporation 1301
PEPL SANTANNA ENE Santanna Natural Gas Corporation D/B/A Santanna Energy Services 14221
PEPL SCOTIA CAP Scotia Capital Energy Inc. 5499
PEPL SCOUT EN GRO Scout Energy Group II, LP 15505
PEPL Scout En III Scout Energy Group III, LP 15690
PEPL SCOUT ENERGY Scout Energy Management LLC 15494
PEPL SCURRY DOWN0 Scurry Downstream, LLC 15907
PEPL SEILING Seiling Public Works Authority 1189
PEPL SELECT NAT Select Natural Gas L.L.C. 1549
PEPL SELECTPOWER Selectpower Inc. 5213
PEPL SEMCANADA SemCanada Energy Company 1686
PEPL SEMCO SEMCO Energy Services, Inc. 1915
PEPL SEMCO EN SEMCO Energy, Inc., DBA SEMCO Energy Gas Company 1502
PEPL SEMPRA ENERG Sempra Energy 1677
PEPL SEMPRA-ENGY Sempra Energy Trading LLC 1903
PEPL SEMPRA-SERV Sempra Energy Trading Services Corp. 1319
PEPL SEMPRA GAS Sempra Gas & Power Marketing, LLC 15532
PEPL SEMPRA GEN Sempra Generation, LLC 14292
PEPL SEMPRA MID Sempra Midstream Services, Inc. 5338
PEPL SEQUENT ENER Sequent Energy Management LLC 1685
PEPL SEVRSTL NA Severstal Dearborn, LLC 5301
PEPL SEVERSTAL W Severstal Warren, Inc. 1504
PEPL SFE ENERGY SFE Energy Ohio, Inc. 15537
PEPL SHAMROCK Shamrock Assets, LLC 14312
PEPL SHAMROCK ENE Shamrock Energy LLC 3006
PEPL SHELL EN US Shell Energy North America (US), L.P. 1452
PEPL SHELL ENERGY Shell Energy Services Company, LLC 1716
PEPL SHELL E&P Shell Exploration & Production Company 1597
PEPL SHELL-OIL Shell Oil Company 1133
PEPL SHIPLEY Shipley Choice, LLC 15044
PEPL SHORELINE Shoreline Gas, LLC 1884
PEPL SHORELINE SE Shoreline Southeast, LLC 5531
PEPL SIERENTZ GLB Sierentz Global Merchants LLC 15594
PEPL SIGCO MKTG Sigco Marketing, Inc. 1788
PEPL SIGCORP ENER Sigcorp Energy Services, LLC 5167
PEPL SJR-RESOURCE SJR Resources, Inc. 1792
PEPL SKIP STONE Skipping Stone Inc. 1592
PEPL SKYHAVEN FAS Skyhaven Faststop & Motel 1713
PEPL SMARTENERGY SmartEnergy Holdings, LLC 15796
PEPL Snyder Broth Snyder Brothers Inc. 14274
PEPL SOCIETE GEN Societe Generale Energy Corp. 5594
PEPL SOFTSMITHS Softsmiths Inc. 5112
PEPL SOJITZ EN Sojitz Energy Venture, Inc. 1794
PEPL SOMERSET-GAS Somerset Gas Service 1248
PEPL SOURCEGAS SourceGas Energy Services Company 14304
PEPL SOUTH BAY South Bay Energy Corp. 15625
PEPL SOUTHEASTERN Southeastern Michigan Gas Enterprises 1490
PEPL SE-PIPELINE Southeastern Pipe Line Company 1395
PEPL SOUTHERN ILL Southern Illinois Power Cooperative 1676
PEPL SNG-GAS Southern Natural Gas Company, L.L.C. 1134
PEPL SOUTHERNSTAR Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc. 1329
PEPL SOUTHSTAR SouthStar Energy Services LLC 5264
PEPL SW-ENERGY Southwest Energy 1815
PEPL SOUTHWEST EN Southwest Energy Production Co. 1420
PEPL SOUTHWEST E Southwest Energy, L.P. 1690
PEPL SW-GAS Southwest Gas Storage Company 244
PEPL SW PUB SVC Southwestern Public Service Company 5505
PEPL SPARK ENGY Spark Energy Gas, LLC 2159
PEPL SPIRE GAS IN Spire Gas Inventory Inc. 15686
PEPL SPIRE MKTG Spire Marketing Inc. 1603
PEPL SPIRE MO Spire Missouri Inc. 1766
PEPL SPOTLIGHT Spotlight Energy, LLC 15490
PEPL SPRAGUE OPER Sprague Operating Resources LLC 1435
PEPL SPRNFLD CR Springfield Crowne Plaza 1733
PEPL SPRNGFLD-HIL Springfield Hilton 1368
PEPL STANCHION EN Stanchion Energy LLC 15932
PEPL STANCHION GA Stanchion Gas Marketing, LLC 16750
PEPL STAND-ENERGY Stand Energy Corporation 1890
PEPL STAR ENERGY Star Energy Partners, LLC 14382
PEPL STARION ENER Starion Energy NY Inc. 14351
PEPL STATEWISE Statewise Energy Ohio, LLC 15596
PEPL STATOIL-ENGY Statoil Energy, Inc. 1013
PEPL STEEL DYNAMI Steel Dynamics, Inc. 1461
PEPL STEPHENS PRO Stephens Production Company 5355
PEPL STONEX FINAN StoneX Financial Inc. 15896
PEPL STRAT LAND Strat Land Exploration Company 1416
PEPL STRATEGIC EN Strategic Energy Services Inc. 14211
PEPL SULLIVAN-CO Sullivan and Company 1896
PEPL SUMMIT ENERG Summit Energy Services, Inc. 3225
PEPL SUMMIT LLC Summit Energy, LLC 5583
PEPL SUMMIT ENRGY Summitt Energy L.P. 5410
PEPL SUMMITT ENER Summitt Energy Management Inc 5239
PEPL SUNCOR Suncor Energy Marketing Inc. 5298
PEPL SUNDOWN ENER Sundown Energy, Inc. 1732
PEPL SUNFLOWER Sunflower Electric Power Corporation 5616
PEPL SUNOCO Sunoco (R&M), LLC 1136
PEPL SUNSEA ENER0 SunSea Energy, LLC 16737
PEPL SUNWAVE Sunwave Gas & Power Inc. 14316
PEPL SUNWAVE USA Sunwave USA Holdings, Inc 15752
PEPL SUPERIOR ENE Superior Energy Management 1673
PEPL SUPERIOR MID Superior Midstream, LLC 14290
PEPL SUPERIOR PIP Superior Pipeline Kansas 15893
PEPL SUPERIOR PRO Superior Processing Service Corporation 3232
PEPL SOUTHWEST SWN Energy Services Company, LLC 1487
PEPL SYMMETRY ENE Symmetry Energy Solutions, LLC 1725
PEPL TAGGART-ENTR Taggart Enterprises 1799
PEPL TALEN ENERGY Talen Energy Marketing, LLC 1610
PEPL TALL OAK MID Tall Oak Midcon, LLC 14228
PEPL TALL OAK Tall Oak Midstream, LLC 15063
PEPL TALLGRASS Tallgrass Interstate Gas Transmission, LLC 1666
PEPL TANA EXPLORA Tana Exploration Company LLC 4101
PEPL TAPSTONE Tapstone Energy, LLC 15013
PEPL TARGA GM Targa Gas Marketing LLC 5435
PEPL TARGA LA OPE Targa LA Operating LLC 15920
PEPL TGA-MID-SERV Targa Midstream Services LLC 1540
PEPL TARGA WOK Targa Pipeline Mid-Continent Westok LLC 5361
PEPL TAUBER-OIL Tauber Oil Company 1905
PEPL TAUNTON MUNI Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant 1519
PEPL TC ENERGY MA TC Energy Marketing Inc. 15805
PEPL TELLURIAN S0 Tellurian Supply & Trade LLC 16074
PEPL TENASKA GAS Tenaska Gas Storage, LLC 1620
PEPL TENASKA INC Tenaska Marketing Inc. 1541
PEPL TENASKA Tenaska Marketing Ventures 1390
PEPL TENASKA PWR Tenaska Power Services Co. 15562
PEPL TENNERGY Tennergy Corporation, an Energy Acquisiton Corporation 5350
PEPL TEAC Tennessee Energy Acquisition Corporation 5293
PEPL TENNESSEE VA Tennessee Valley Authority 1494
PEPL TEX-MARK Texaco Natural Gas Inc. 1278
PEPL TEXACO Texaco, Inc. 1326
PEPL TETCO Texas Eastern Transmission, LP 1197
PEPL TXENERGYTR Texas Energy Transfer Company, Ltd 1514
PEPL TX GAS LLC Texas Gas Transmission, LLC 1141
PEPL TEXAS SW GAS Texas Southwest Gas Company 1269
PEPL TEXAS-KANSAS Texas-Kansas-Oklahoma Gas LLC 1599
PEPL TEXICAN Texican Natural Gas Company 5502
PEPL TEXLA ENERGY Texla Energy Management, Inc. 1942
PEPL TEXON, L.P. Texon, L.P. 2173
PEPL THE BELDEN B The Belden Brick Company 1699
PEPL UNIVER STY-I The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois 1352
PEPL CLEVELAND CL The Cleveland Clinic Foundation 1656
PEPL ENERGY AUTH The Energy Authority, Inc. 5194